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Mobile applications are small programs which can be installed on a mobile device running on Android, iOS or any other operating system. These apps can be effective marketing tools to strengthen your company’s online presence and help to generate more sales as well as improve brand identity.

Benefits of Mobile Application Development

Ranging from small businesses to large organizations, most companies are now paying attention to mobile application development. Let us look at some of the benefits which are drawing companies towards mobile apps.

1. Creating an app helps to develop better engagement as well build loyalty in your brand.
2. Helps to build up new revenue stream and generate more profits.
3. Allows effortless sharing of content among mobile phone users.
4. As the apps are built for mobile phones, they are lightweight and easy to install.
5. Mobile applications have cross platform operability which means you can use the same app on different devices.
6. Apps load a lot faster than normal websites, thus helping in visitor retention.
7. Many apps can be created to provide information to users without having to use internet connection and the customer has to only use internet while purchasing any of your products or services from within the app.
8. Mobile applications help you to provide real time experience to your users like for example, flight information to passengers or alerts from any factory monitoring app.
9. Mobile apps help you to make full use of features like GPS for enabling location based functionality to push notifications depending upon location where your customer is.
10. It is now possible to include social media sharing within an app which allows users to share your content on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, thereby helping to further promote your products and services.

Why creating a mobile app is becoming important?

Smartphone usage is growing at a rapid rate and in 2009 about 23% of all people had a smart phone which has grown to 35% at present (Source - Neilson). It is also worth mentioning here that according to The International Telecommunication Union (TITU), more than 5 billion of mobile users, which comes to around seventy seven percent of total world population are online. Out of them about 41% users are using their smart phone to make an online purchase (as per survey conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey).
Thus these figures clearly tell us that as a business owner it is quite important for you to capture a share of this growing mobile market and apps can easily become a means of achieving success in this market.

What sets us apart?

We use our mobile technology expertise to create mobile applications that help to augment your brand identity and transform your innovative ideas into reality. Our mobile application developers have several years of experience in mobile application development using most of the well known technologies like Android, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, J2ME and Windows Phone to make sure all your mobile app development requirements can be easily fulfilled.
So get in touch with us now to create your presence in the mobile world!

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