Corporate Web Design Services

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Corporate web design Services

A website works as a corporate brand identity and it is important that it clearly highlights the product or service you want to sell. We as a website designing company make a concerted effort to meet the specific requirements you have while designing your website and also maintain the guidelines for creation of user friendly web designs.

Requirements for Good Corporate Design

At the time of creating your corporate website we ensure that it is designed in a way to reflect your brand identity. Some of the points we keep note of while working on any corporate website design task include the following:

a. Uncluttered Design

Nowadays there are many different tools and technologies available which may tempt you into filling up the site with a lot of features. But these tools can have a negative effect on the website and actually cloak the message you are trying to give to your visitors.

An example of it would be having too many images, videos or animation on the pages which will distract your customers. Thus while working on any corporate web design we make sure that one the necessary widgets and tools are added on the site which are essential for the website and remove the clutter from the design.

b. Consistent Design

For any corporate website it is necessary to have a consistent design where all the pages have the same layout, style and color scheme. During our designing process we make sure that this rule is kept in mind and advice the same to our clients as well as in case they propose a design scheme which does not follow a consistent pattern throughout the site.

c. Multi Platform Compatibility

As part of our corporate website design services we ensure that your website opens correctly in all types of browsers as well as platforms, be it a desktop computer or a mobile device. We check whether the site will be using flash and alternate options to show on a mobile device since some devices may not support flash.

d. Site Navigation

An essential requirement of good web site design is having proper navigation and organization of the website. If the navigation structure is not right then it can easily put off any visitor and they would surely turn away.

As part of our corporate website design we ensure that we understand your business and create a navigation structure that is easy to navigate and helps users reach a particular page in least number of clicks.

e. Interactive Design

The most important aspect of corporate website design is that the website needs to be interactive and allow customers to provide feedback about what they feel about the site and service you provide.

There are different ways of creating options for interaction with your visitors in the form of comment boxes, live chat systems, click to call and inquiry forms. We try to include all the methods of interaction into the design structure which will best suit the interface of your website and be easily visible for your visitor to use when required.

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