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Android Application Development India

If you are planning on developing an app for your company then the best platform for developing it is undoubtedly Android since it is the largest smart phone platform, is lightweight and a customizable operating system best suited for application development.

Benefits of Android Application Development

Some of the main benefits of using Android for application development include:
1) Low Investment
The good thing about Android is that its SDK is provided free of cost to developers which reduces the overall licensing as well as development cost. We as an Android application development company in turn pass on this benefit to end users in the form of reduced app development cost.

2) Easy Customization
The other benefit of Android is that it is fully customizable which means that we can create the Android app as per specific needs your company has.

3) Approval and App Name
After your app is ready, it is quite easy to submit it in Google Play and the approval process is also relatively simple. In addition to it, it is also possible to reserve any app name you want to use in Google Play in case you are planning to develop an app in the future. .

Popularity of Android

The popularity of Android apps can be judged from the fact that there are more than one million apps in the Google Play store with about fifty billion app downloads taking place last year, thus if you want to develop an app then Android should necessarily be your first choice.

Advantage of Working with us

a) We have Android application developers with several years of experience.
b) Customized user interface development as per client requirements.
c) Regular interaction about progress of app development work and timely delivery.
d) Bug free development work in addition to regular app maintenance service.
e) 24X7 technical support along with ensured source code security.
f) Implementation of cross device functionality so that the app can be used across multiple devices.
Our developers are conversant with latest technologies being used in Android app development such as OpenGL, various APIs for Wi-Fi, location based services and Android media APIs, 3D graphics, security architecture and many other aspects of app development to create world class applications that your customers will love to use. .

Our Work Process

In simple terms our work process for Android application development consists of:
1) Acquiring a clear overview of business objectives you have in mind based on which you are developing the app.
2) Create the concept for developing the application and formulate application flow.
3) Create the Android app and deploy it at the Google Play store as downloadable app or an enterprise app, based upon your requirement.

Thus if you want to develop your Android app then you can let us know about your requirement and our experienced app developers, UX and UI team will make sure that app is develop just as you require it to be, providing usable, compelling rich interactive experience to your users.

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