40 Pages CMS Package

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40 Pages CMS Pannel Website Package

10 Pages CMS Pannel Website Charge- 860 CAD

The "A Prompt Content Management System" (CMS) will revolutionise how you manage the content (the text, images and links) of your website!

The CMS website package gives you:

Editable, bespoke website home page designed specifically for your target market
Editable contact page with integral enquiry form
The ability to add unlimited editable pages to your website, using your 'webpage template design'
W3C Code Validation and WAI Compliance
Search engine optimised design and website structure (including all navigation)
Easy to use Admin Area
Domain name registration
Hosting account
Unlimited email addresses ending in your domain
Webmail (web-based email service)

*more 'webpage template designs' can be provided and more additional services are available from us upon request.

What is a CMS website?

The "A Prompt Content Management System" (CMS) is an editable website. It allows you to add, change and delete content and even add, hide and delete pages on your website any time you want and as often as you like from an 'easy to use' secure online Admin Control Panel - this means no more website content update fees and all your changes are made instantly. You can change your text, add images where you want, create links, insert tables, movies, Flash animation and mp3s and style your content how you want it. You can even copy and paste from MS Word - Easy!
The "A Prompt Content Management System" can either be added to your existing website or be developed as a new website.

For new websites
We design the site home page for you to suit your business sector and to attract your target market, using your corporate brand, colours and logo. Included in the site is an editable contact page with integral enquiry form. Within the CMS website design there will be text areas and image areas that you can edit. You can easily add new pages to your CMS website which will already contain the areas for you to add your content quickly and easily.

For existing websites
We will convert your existing website into editable areas (or re-design your website if required) and build your secure online control panel so you can add, change and delete content and/or pages on your website any time you want.

The A Prompt CMS website will consist of two areas

Area One - The front end of the website. These are the pages that can be seen and interacted by the general public. They are also the pages that are listed in Search Engines. .

Area Two - The backend of the website. This area is called the "admin control panel" which is a secure password protected part of the website that only you can access - you can add and update pages of your website from within this area.

Compliance and Search Engine Optimisation

W3C Code Validation and WAI Compliance
The "A Prompt Content Management System" is developed to ensure that the structure of all front-end website pages comply with the current W3C Hypertext Mark-up Guidelines and that the structure of all front-end website pages pass the automatic validation checks for Priority 1 (Level A), Priority 2 (Level AA) and Priority 3 (Level AAA) WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative).

Search Engine Optimisation
The structure of the website will be optimised for search engine recognition and ranking. The "A Prompt Content Management System" also allows you to edit areas of significant importance to search engines on a 'per page' basis.

These areas include the following:
Page title
Meta keywords
Meta description
Menu links
And most importantly the actual content of the web page.

How does it work?

It's Web Based
You can easily update your CMS website online from within the "admin control panel". This is completely web based which means you don't need to buy, install, learn or upgrade any specialised software - all you need is access to the Internet. This, in turn, means you can edit your website from any computer connected to the Internet so you could be at the office, at home, at an Internet Café or on the move with a mobile PDA.

"web based, no software to buy, install or learn"

To edit your website, you simply go to your "admin control panel". Here's how:
Type in your web address (www.yourdomain.com) Click on the "Admin" link we have created for you Login by entering your username and password As access to this control panel is by username and password you can decide who has access to the Admin Control Panel and therefore who is authorised to make changes to the website. You can add as many unique users as you like and all changes are tagged with the name of the user who made the changes.

How to edit your website

After logging in, you will see a list of all the current pages in your website. You can see when a page was added, who added it, when it was last updated, and by whom, when the page expires (see expiry dates) and whether the page has been enabled (see page enabling). To edit a page you click the "edit" icon/link.

Editing the content of your web page is easy, even for those with little or no computer experience. Some areas of your web page will simply require you to fill in basic text areas (form fields), other areas which allow you to upload images, will enable you to browse for a replacement image from your computer. The main content area can be edited by our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor. The editor works in a similar fashion to most word processors (such as Microsoft Word) and is very easy to use. No specialised technical knowledge, html or any other website coding language is required - the editor does it all for you. You simply type your text, add images where you want, create links, insert tables and style your content how you want it. You can even Paste content created in MS Word directly into the editor - Easy!

"No specialised technical knowledge is required"
Once you've finished editing your content, you just click "Save Changes" and the changes are made live, instantly to your "front end" (publicly accessible) website. There's no waiting and no limit to how many times you can make changes.

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